Our Vision

The Gloucester Public Schools use consistent, high quality systems and practices to guide the eligibility process, create individualized student-centered IEP’s, provide targeted and specialized instruction, and monitor for effective progress across programs and schools. 

Special Education Plan for Ongoing Improvement Overview

Goal #1 Strengthen our evaluation and eligibility processes 

The Gloucester Public Schools will develop consistent and high functioning practices for processing special education referrals, conducting evaluations and determining eligibility for Special Education Services. 

Goal #2 Strengthening Individualized Education Program (IEP) development

The Gloucester Public Schools will work collaboratively with families to ensure team meetings are student centered and Individualized Education Programs (IEP’s) are data driven.  IEP teams will ensure that students who are eligible for special education are consistently making effective progress and reaching their maximum potential in the Least Restrictive Environment. 

Goal #3 Strengthening our Specialized Instructional Practices & Consultation 

The Gloucester Public Schools will build our capacity to provide a range of highly effective instructional practices and a continuum of programs and services designed to meet the unique and individual needs of our identified students within their neighborhood schools and throughout the district.

Staff Directory

Director of Special Education

Dr, Michael Jarvis



Special Education Administrative Assistant

Rebecca Fialho



Gloucester High School

Special Education Coordinator/Supervisor: Lisa Williams

Special Education Program Leader: Meaghan Baldasano

Assistant: Jessica Favaloro


O'Maley Middle School

Special Education Program Leader:  Dr. Iris Miller

Assistant: Emily Eastman


Preschool/Elementary District Wide

Special Education Coordinator/Supervisor: Rachel Clemenzi


West Parish Elementary

Special Education Program Leader: JoAnne Kotelly


Beeman Elementary

Special Education Program Leader: Taralee Kirk


East Veterans Elementary  School

Special Education Program Leader: Catrina Sutera


Plum Cove Elementary

Special Education Program Leaders: Tina Bowling & Tonia Theriault


Integrated Pre-School 

Director: Andrea Perella

Assistant: Christen Gaudenzi


District BCBAs

Kimberly Anderson: kanderson@gloucesterpublicschools.com

Brianna Dwyer:  bdwyer@gloucesterschools.com

Tara Early: khammond@gloucesterschools.com

Sara Carter: Scarter@gloucesterschools.com

SEPAC Community Meetings

Tips on Executive Functioning Strategies for Parents

SEPAC Meeting (2023-04-25 18_38 GMT-4).mp4